Wine Dinner Under the Stars at Manousakis Winery


*Tour of the Manousakis Winery

*Wine Tasting

*Appetizers, Salad, Main Course, and Dessert

*Wine Pairing

*Unlimited Wine

Enjoy an evening under the stars at Manousakis Winery!

What better way to end your day than dinner at a picturesque winery in the countryside. Learn all about Cretan wine and the history of Manousakis Winery as we travel to Vatolakkos village. Once at the winery, we will privately tour the fermentation floor and barrel room where winemaking will be explained. Next we head to the tasting terrace to sample 5 different wines and learn how to taste wine and how the characteristics of each wine pair with food.  

Time to eat! Most of the food served at the winery is grown a few meters away from the tasting terrace- true farm-to-table!

There is an appetizer course, a salad and spread course, main dish, and dessert each paired with wine or spirits.  Each wine pairing will be explained. Unlimited wine is offered. 

Duration is 4 hours.

Price per person is 100€.

Includes shared transportation, all tasting fees, full dinner with unlimited wine, private seating and VAT.

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