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TOP 10 Places to Eat in Chania

Top 10 Places to Eat in Chania

There's nothing worse than having a bad meal on vacation. Here's our guide to the best places to eat while visiting Chania from cheap eats to fine dining.

Hi! We’re Anna Maria and Vasili, owners of Chania Wine Tours and long-time residents of Chania. We’re also big foodies (maybe big eaters is a better description) and needless to say, we love wine. When we’re chatting with our guests on our tours and ask them how their time in Crete has been so far, the most heart-breaking thing to hear is that they had a bad food experience. To us, there’s nothing worse than having a bad meal on vacation. We literally only travel for food and wine! We immediately give them a list of places to go to remedy this tragedy. Chania has some of the best food and it’s a sin to have a bad meal here. So, we’ve compiled a list of guaranteed great restaurants to be sure you experience the best food and wine Chania has to offer.

(in no particular order)


Akti Enoseos 3, Chania 2821 043700

Salis is our favorite restaurant. We’re friends with the owners, so there’s a little bias here, but honestly, we’ve eaten there at least 100 times and have never had a bad meal or bad experience. Salis is located on the waterfront of the Old Venetian Harbour. It’s a largish restaurant that still maintains an intimate atmosphere. The service is excellent and friendly. The 1100 bottle wine list has won countless awards including two glasses from Wine Spectator and 3 out of 3 stars from World of Fine Wine, the only stand-alone restaurant in Greece to achieve this (this is a big deal). Don’t worry; their sommelier will gladly help you sift through all the wines. All the ingredients are locally sourced and the owners grow most of the produce themselves so everything is always fresh and the menu changes seasonally.

What we love about it: fresh ingredients, innovative recipes, outstanding wine list

Good for: couples, large groups, solo diners, wine

Favorite dishes: deconstructed pastitsio, flank steak, chicken salad, duck breast

Price: $$-$$$

Open: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Reservation: recommended

(Picture via Salis website)

The Five Restaurant

Akti Papanikoli 15, Chania

2821 086596

The best way to steal our hearts is through our stomachs, and The Five has done just that. The Five opened late into the summer season of 2019 and is quickly becoming a local-favorite. The owners Nikos and Kleopatra are a husband and wife team that are incredibly passionate about their new place. The Five is located on the newly renovated esplanade of Nea Chora beach. The endless sea views and breath-taking sunset, and amazing food, keep us coming back for more. Their menu is small but every dish is perfectly executed. Kleopatra is a certified sommelier that keeps fun and rotating wine list.

What we love about it: incredible view, great atmosphere, unexpected flavor combinations, kid-friendly

Good for: couples, sunset dinner, families

Favorite dishes: pork belly, salmon, tirokafteri, ceviche

Price: $$

Open: lunch, dinner

Reservations: recommended


Theotokopoulou 63, Chania

697 608 9225

Oinoa is where we go for special occasions. It’s very romantic! Oinoa is located on the picturesque Theotokopoulou Street of Old Town. It’s a small, intimate bistro with a great wine list. The food is superb and the service is great. It is owned by two sisters who visited, fell in love with Chania, and decided to stay. We can relate to that! They are obsessed with finding the best ingredients, only top quality will do.

What we love about it: high quality ingredients, intimate atmosphere, friendly staff

Good for: special occasions, couples, small groups

Favorite dishes: burger, beef liver, tuna tartare

Price: $$$

Open: dinner only

Reservations: strongly recommended/required


Dracona Village

2821 065083

Ntounias is an experience like no other. Located way up in the mountains, a winding road takes you back in time when food was what you yourself raised and grew. Walking up to the restaurant you’ll see Stelios cooking in clay pots on an open flame. This is slooooow food at its best. All the ingredients are found within walking distance of the restaurant. We’ve never actually seen a menu here, though I imagine one exists. We just tell Stelios or his wife Emi to bring us whatever they want. Then the small plates start coming a few at a time. The food isn’t stylized, not even a garnish, it doesn’t actually look good. It’s usually a scoop from a pot. But, my god, is it delicious.

Shameless self promotion: Visit Ntounias on our Mountain Village Food Tour.

What we love about it: unique experience, fresh ingredients, the drive to get there

Good for: day trip, families, couples, small groups, vegetarian

Favorite dishes: Ntounias salad, fried potatoes, any meat dish

Price: $-$$

Open: lunch only

Reservation: recommended

La Bodega

Akti Kountourioti 60, Chania

2821 036011

La Bodega is located on the old Venetian harbor with the best view of the lighthouse. It’s a small wine bar with great charcuterie. We always find ourselves going there before dinner for a glass of wine, or after dinner for a cheese plate and more wine…although we have found ourselves day drinking here all too often. It’s easy, it’s laid back, it’s always satisfying. They’ve recently added some new hot dishes to the menu if you need a little more to eat.

What we love about it: comfortable, reliable, amazing view

Good for: view, coffee, lunch, before dinner/after dinner, late night

Favorite dishes: charcuterie, smoked salmon focaccia sandwich, apple pie

Price: $-$$

Open: breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night

Reservations: recommended


Chatzimichali Giannari 76, Chania

Sarpidonos 6, Chania

2821 056300

Only have 2 euros in your pocket? Are you kids begging for pizza again? Need a quick coffee to-go? Hungover and need something greasy? We’ve been in all those situations and Funky’s comes through every time. Funky’s has 2 convenient locations, not surprising they’re both close to places you may stumble out of. The service is lickity split, the prices are literal pocket change, and it’s actually pretty good pizza! They have traditional baked goods like spinach pie, cheese pie, and koulouria. There’s crepes, and sandwiches too which are great for grab and go. This place isn’t winning any Michelin stars any time soon but you always need a cheap, reliable place when travelling. Oh, and pay no attention to the hundred tweens that hang out in front.

What we love about it: super cheap pizza, they deliver, kids love it too

Good for: coffee, snacks, to-go, delivery, late night

Favorite dishes: margarita pizza, chocolate crepe, bbq pizza

Price: $

Open for: breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night

Reservations: walk-in


Akti Tompazi, Chania

28210 45688

Pallas is an all day café/lunch/dinner/late night spot. It is the place to see and be seen. It’s been the trendiest spot on the Old Venetian Harbour as long as we’ve lived here. The coffee/cocktail area isn’t really our scene (but maybe it’s yours), but their roof-top restaurant, Thealassa, is wonderful. They have a 19:30 seating and a 22:00 seating. We always book the 19:30 seating for the sunset. They also have private balconies for dinner as well. The staff is a little stuffy, don’t expect even a smile, but I’m now convinced it’s the vibe they’re going for. The food never disappoints and there's something for everyone

What we love about it: sunset, big menu, romantic

Good for: date night, special occasion, small groups, cocktails

Favorite dishes: sushi, rib-eye steak, shrimp and mushroom mille-feuille

Price: $$-$$$

Reservations: required for roof-top restaurant (Thealassa) but not for downstairs seating

Open: breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night

(Picture via Pallas website)

Manousakis Winery


28210 78787

Manousakis Winery converted their old winery into a gorgeous tasting room with terrace that’s open for lunch and dinner. They serve traditional Cretan comfort food with ingredients grown just across the yard. Needless to say, the wines are amazing as well. The restaurant is on the winery property which is available to tour. We recommend doing a wine tasting and finding your perfect wine before ordering your meals.

Shameless self-promotion #2: We visit Manousakis Winery and have full lunch with unlimited wine on all our full-day wine tours. We also do a Dinner Under the Stars here weeknights. Vasili and I literally eat here every day in the summers and we never get sick of it.

What we love about it: beautiful property, WINE, traditional village feel

Good for: day trip, lunch, dinner, vegan/vegetarian, traditional Cretan food, families

Favorite dishes: stuffed grape leaves, beef youvetsi, fava

Open: lunch, dinner

Price: $-$$

Reservations: not required


Voloudaki 4, Chania

Oasis is a hole in the wall. It’s filthy, you can barely sit, there’s no bathroom. But it is the best god damn gyro in town.

What we love about it: super fast and satisfying

Good for: quick bite, cheap eats, street food

Favorite dish: there’s literally only one menu item, pork gyro

Price: 2 euros per gyro

Open: Lunch only

Reservation: I don’t even think they have a phone

Match More


2821 060988

Match More is located in the resort filled, very touristy area of Platanias. We only dare venture over there in the summer months for Match More. The food is creative twists on classic Greek dishes with some surprising fusions as well. The atmosphere is really colorful and fun. The owners are husband and wife team, Demetri and Fotini. Demetri is a very creative chef and Fotini is easily the kindest most hospitable person we’ve ever met. There’s a rotating art gallery upstairs for you art-lovers as well.

What we love about it: welcoming atmosphere, kid friendly, incredible hospitality

Good for: large groups, families, couples

Favorite dishes: chicken with peanut butter, seafood pasta, dessert!

Price: $$

Open: lunch, dinner

Reservations: recommended

(Picture via Match More website)

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