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Komolithi in Potamida

If you're driving to Elafonissi and go through the village of Potamida, you may look to your left and see what was surely made by ancient aliens. There is really no other explanation for these totally bizarre, oddly shaped, mountain-like clay formations.

There is nothing growing on these hills except at the very top of each mound where there are some grasses that make them look like Beaker from The Muppets.

The clay has been eroded by wind and rain which is supposed to explain their shape but also begs a lot more questions. Was this a plateau? How did the grass get on top if it's not?Why does nothing grow on the clay but grows all around it? What is going on???

It's a relatively easy climb to the top. We can do this together on a tour and contemplate this geological wonder together.

We visit Komolithi on our Beer Lovers' Tour or can stop here on a customized tour.

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