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Deliana or Mesavlia Gorge?

Crete has about 40 gorges. One of the closest ones to Chania is 37 kilometers away. Depending on which side you enter from, the village has claimed it as their own. Entering from Deliana you’ll see signs for Deliana Gorge, and likewise, entering from Mesavlia, you’ll see signs that say Mesavlia Gorge. The naming dispute has yet to have a resolution.

You will have to open the gates to enter the gorge. Make sure you shut them behind you otherwise the goats and sheep will escape. It is 5 kilometers long and relatively easy to walk through. You can also drive on the dirt road in a jeep or truck. Parallel to the road is a stream that is dry in the summer and flowing once the rains begin in late autumn. The availability of water allows for green and lush foliage that also provides a cooling shade.

There are also impressive boulders and rock piles along the sides of the road. There’s a picnic area on the Deliana side and another about half way through both with their own churches, Agia Paraskevi and Agios Eleftherios. The sound of the goat bells echoes through the gorge and often the goats and sheep timidly come say hello. If you look up you’ll spot the eagles and hawks that nest in the caves along the sides of the gorge.

A drive through the gorge is available on our Wine Adventure Tour or can be added to customized tour. Because a jeep is needed, it is limited to parties of 3 or less.

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