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Winery Spotlight: Anoskeli

Anoskeli Olive Oil Mill and Winery is located 30 kilometers south west of Chania in the village it is named after. For years it was the cooperative olive oil mill for the area before it was privately bought and operated by the Mamidakis family in the 1980s. Although it is famous for its olive oil, it is also making a name for itself in the wine industry.

In 2009, three vineyards were planted near the olive oil factory. The vineyards are planted with local varietals Vilana and Vidiano, Greek varietals Assyrtiko and Malagousia, as well as international varietals Syrah, Cabernet, and Grenache. The vines are relatively young but show improvements in quality with each passing vintage. Gerasimos Mpoultadakis is the young and talented winemaker at Anoskeli under the supervision of acclaimed veteran oenologist Kostas Galanakis of Manousakis Winery. Their yearly production is under 20,000 bottles.

Currently Anoskeli produces 5 dry wines. The blends are under the Ano Playa label and the single varietals under the Anoferia label including their semi-sweet wine of Cabernet Sauvignon. Soon they will release a second sweet wine of the grape Malagousia.

The beautiful tasting room was created in 2014 and is under the direction of Efi Georgiakaki. It is open to guests year round. Their wines are available to taste as well as their delicious olive oil. In addition to the tasting, guests are offered a plate of snacks including cucumbers and tomatoes from their own garden, salami, cheese, and of course olives.

A visit to Anoskeli is included in our Wine Adventure Tour, Wine Lovers’ Tour, and our Grapes and Grains Tour.

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