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Brewery Spotlight: Lafkas Brewery

If you have trip to Belgium planned with a buddy of yours and he cancels last minute, don’t fret, still go and you may just meet the love of your life. That is the love story behind the newest microbrewery in Chania, Lafkas Brewery. Husband and wife team Michalis and Aurelie are working side by side on their latest adventure.

Michalis has a degree in winemaking and beverage technology and Aurelie is Belgian so beer making is in her blood. Currently they make one label, White Mountains Triple Hop Pale Ale. They make about 4000 liters a month or 10,000 bottles. Their beer is available at all the serious beer spots in town like Rudi's Bierhaus and Ride Cycle Culture Cafe. They have plans to make seasonal beers as well. Neither is native to Chania but both have fallen in love with this town.

Lafkas Brewery is located just a five minute drive outside of Chania. They have great space and easy layout to understand the beer making process. By the spring, guests will be able to buy and enjoy a beer on their patio.

You can visit Lafkas Brewery on the Grapes and Grains Tour, Water to Wine Tour, or the Beer Lovers’ Tour.

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