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10 Gifts a Wine Lover will Love

Happy Holidays! If you are like me, searching for that perfect gift (one that the individual will both use and love) is a little stressful. Have a wine lover on your list? I’m here to help! I’ve compiled a list of gifts that the wine lover in your life really wants.

1. Wine Glasses

Every wine lover has two sets of glasses. The ones we use every day and the Reidels we got as a gift, for our wedding or a big birthday, that sit unused in our china cabinet because if one breaks we’ll cry for 3 consecutive days. However, those every day glasses do break with less tears and are rarely replaced. I love the Spiegelau Salute Wine Glasses!

They are great for every day and still feel like a proper wine glass and, most importantly, they are DISHWASHER SAFE! Don’t forget we like to keep our glasses sparkling! These wine glass cloths make a great stocking stuffer!

2. A "Good" Wine Key

Chances are the wine lover in your life has had the same wine key FOREVER! (Probably from their serving days or first apartment). While that wine key your wine lover has in their drawer is super sentimental, there’s nothing quite like a new fancier wine key. Bonus is that it is something we would rarely buy for ourselves. My go-to is the Pulltex. This classic is a sure thing and will definitely get you a big thank you.

3. WINE!!

WINE! We really, really just want a couple bottles of wine! Yes, it’s very intimidating to buy wine for someone who is a connoisseur, so here are some tips.

A) Ask an employee of the wine shop or liquor store what wine they are most excited about this year. It’ll likely be a wine from a new or interesting wine region. Wine lovers are always excited to try something new. The weirder, the better.

B) Bubbles. Every self-respecting wine lover LOVES Champagne. We’re also going to need a bottle or 5 in a few days for NYE. It doesn’t have to break the bank either. Wine lovers are perfectly content with some Cava from Spain or a Sekt from Germany. Personally, hook me up with some Greek Sparkling wine from Karanika and I’ll jump up and down.

C) Check out our Instagram pics. Wine lovers don’t drink a wine they love without posting a pic of it to our social media pages. We’ll happily drink the same wine again, or perhaps find us a different vintage!

4. Wine Accessories

Wine lovers sometimes don’t finish a full bottle of wine. I know, rare, but it does happen. While most of the time we’ll just throw the cork back on it, it would be nice to properly preserve the wine until the next time we get to it. The original Vacu Vin Vacuum Stoppers are great and do the trick.

For sparkling wine, a special stopper is needed so the bubbles don’t go flat. I recommend the Metrokane.

5. Coravin

This is not a gift for everyone. This wine preserver is for the wine collector in your life, definitely not for your aunt that drinks $5 wines or even your BFF who goes to a new wine region every year. We are talking SERIOUS wine people only.

The Coravin has a hefty price tag and the price of new canisters makes upkeep expensive. However, for that wine lover in your life who has turned their basement into a cellar it is worth the splurge. The Coravin allows you to take a taste or a glass out of a bottle without removing the cork. It replaces the wine with argon to keep the wine from oxidation therefore the rest of the wine will keep for a week, a month, or even a few years. It is pretty amazing.

6. Wine Books

The greatest thing about being a wine lover is that it is a never ending journey. Wine lovers love to have wine books around to refresh their memories about different grapes and regions and to learn something new. One of the best wine books on the market right now is Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine. It has great infographics and illustrations that make learning about wine easy and fun. I’ve also heard great things about Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker.

7. Coffee Mug

Almost all wine lovers I know are also coffee drinkers. I hear it is frowned upon to drink wine in the AM hours. So, show your wine love with a great coffee mug. This Might Be Wine and this Mombie one are the perfect combination of novelty and hilarity.

8. Custom Made T-Shirt by Kleopatra Bright

T-shirts are tricky. They often can be quite cheesy, or are the souvenier someone brought home for us. But I have a fabulous alternative. Kleopatra Bright is a sommelier and graphic designer. With a little bit of information about the wine lover in your life, she will custom design the perfect shirt highlighting their favorite region, varietal, or overall wine personality. Check out her Facebook page.

9. Home Decor

What are you supposed to do with all your empty wine bottles? This.

I had seen DIY versions of this on Pinterest. But seriously, who would actually ever make them? Especially when you can buy them for way cheaper. Festive and saving another bottle from the recycling bin.

10. Wine Travel

The best gifts are experiences. Gift your friend or loved one with a wine travel adventure. Know someone heading to Crete? What better gift than a tour with Chania Wine Tours! Send them our way and they will experience wine from vine to glass.

Now go out and buy your wine lover a present they will love!! And may your holiday be merry and bright!

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Stocking stuffers for wine lovers!

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