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Winery Spotlight: Manousakis Winery

Nestled at the foothills of the Lefka Ori, in the village of Vatolakkos, is a winery at the forefront of the Greek wine renaissance. A quiet leader in quality Cretan wine, Manousakis Winery gently balances tradition with modern winemaking.

Owner and Founder, Theodore Manousakis was born in Vatolakkos towards the end of WWII; the third of four children. Theodore’s mother, a recent widow, made the hard decision to send her children to the United States to escape the post-war devastation the island faced. Young Theodore arrived in New York City at the age of 11 with $2 in his pocket. Through hard work and determination, he and his sisters were able to thrive in the Land of Opportunity. Despite his success in the US, Theodore always held a longing for his birthplace. In 1997, Manousakis Winery was founded and the first vines were planted in the mountains of the Lefka Ori later to be bottled under the name Nostos, the root word for nostalgia. The winery’s objective- to make high quality wines of organic grapes showcasing the majestic landscape and terroir of the area. Initially focusing on Rhone varietals, Manousakis Winery has expanded to include the local indigenous grapes of the region and of Greece; Vidiano, Muscat of Spina, Assyrtiko, and a soon to be released Blanc de Noir of Romeiko.

Under the direction of Alexandra Manousakis, the winery manager and Theodore’s daughter, the old winery was recently renovated into a modern wine tasting area that pays tribute to the past with traditional yfanda, or handmade textiles.

The beautifully landscaped winery accepts visitors year-round. Visitors are always greeted with big smiles and wagging tails. The tour includes stops at the home Mr. Manousakis was born in, an ancient olive tree, and the new winery where visitors learn about the winemaking process. Guests are then led to the tasting area to indulge in the aromas and flavors of their world class wines. Guests can request a Simple Tasting of 5 wines, or Cheese Platter, Light Lunch, or Full Lunch to accompany their tasting. Tours are available four times daily.  Reservations are required.  

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