Mountain Village Food Tour

The Mountain Village Food Tour is the embodiment of Vasili's dream to move to Crete and revitalize his grandfather's land. 


*Visit a farmstand

*Have coffee in a village kafenio

*Visit Vasili's bees and vineyards and olive trees

*Bottle your own wine

*Lunch at Ntounias

*Drive through Therisso Gorge

When we moved from the United States to Crete in 2013, Vasili immediately began working the land around the home is grandfather built. The vineyards his grandfather planted 75 years ago were still alive but needed a lot of care. He planted olive trees, a new vineyard, and added honey bees. It is with great pride that Vasili shares this experience with you. 

On the way to the village, Vasili will give you a history of the Cretan mountain villages, what life was like, and how people lived. Take in the amazing views of the rugged Cretan terrain. 

First stop is to visit our friends at their farmstand. Here you'll load up on local produce and cheese to enjoy later. Next stop is the village kafenio, or coffee shop. Learn how to make Greek coffee and learn about the importance of the kafenio in each village. 

Now to the house. Suit up to safely visit the bees. Vasili will explain how bees are kept. Search through the hives to find the queen. Don't worry, you'll be tasting the honey soon!

Next to the vineyards where Vasili will show you the work he's done to revitalize these 75 year old vines. The path down is dotted with olive trees that produced the olive oil you're about to taste. 

Trek back down to the house to taste the local produce, cheese, olive oil, and honey. Vasili has 5 barrels of wine for you to taste from. When you've found your favorite, pour it directly into your bottle and cork it yourself! This is our gift to you. 

Time for lunch! On to Dracona village to enjoy a farm-to-table meal at Ntounias Tavern. Walk through the herb garden and vegetable garden. See the clay pots cooking on the open fire. Plate after plate of traditional food will be coming your way and plenty of local wine, too. Before leaving Dracona, you'll visit the grazing Cretan cows, a rare sight!

On the way back to Chania, enjoy a pleasant drive through Therisso Gorge. Vasili will explain the historical significance of this village while enjoying some of his home-made tsikoudia at the picnic tables in the gorge. 

Pick up is between 9:30-10:00am. Pick up is from your hotel or villa. If you're staying in the pedestrian area of Chania, a pick up location will be emailed to you. 

Group size is 6 people. 

Duration is 8 hours. 

Price per adult is 150€. Price per child under 12 is 40€.

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