January 9, 2018

On a visit to Crete there is one thing that is impossible to miss: olive trees. Olive oil is vital to the local economy as well as the backbone of the Mediterranean diet.  The average Cretan consumes over 30 liters of olive oil annually.  But we are not the only ones c...

December 8, 2017

Happy Holidays! If you are like me, searching for that perfect gift (one that the individual will both use and love) is a little stressful. Have a wine lover on your list?  I’m here to help! I’ve compiled a list of gifts that the wine lover in your life really wants

November 8, 2017

Nestled at the foothills of the Lefka Ori, in the village of Vatolakkos, is a winery at the forefront of the Greek wine renaissance. A quiet leader in quality Cretan wine, Manousakis Winery gently balances tradition with modern winemaking. To include a stop at Manousak...

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