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20 Foods to Eat When Visiting Chania in 2020

It's been said, you go to Santorini to fall in love, to Mykonos to party and to Crete to EAT! Three parts fresh seasonal ingredients, mixed with two parts tradition, plus a heap of famous Cretan hospitality is the recipe for a great food experience. Chania is full of culinary delights. Small-scale and family run farms are a huge part of the economy so fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, honey, and fresh meat are abundant. These foods can be found in most local taverns and moderns twists have been popping up in trendier downtown restaurants. Let this list be your guide to be sure you have the best foods Chania has to offer. 1. Bougatsa Bougatsa dates back to the Byzantine Empire and is

TOP 10 Places to Eat in Chania

Top 10 Places to Eat in Chania There's nothing worse than having a bad meal on vacation. Here's our guide to the best places to eat while visiting Chania from cheap eats to fine dining. Hi! We’re Anna Maria and Vasili, owners of Chania Wine Tours and long-time residents of Chania. We’re also big foodies (maybe big eaters is a better description) and needless to say, we love wine. When we’re chatting with our guests on our tours and ask them how their time in Crete has been so far, the most heart-breaking thing to hear is that they had a bad food experience. To us, there’s nothing worse than having a bad meal on vacation. We literally only travel for food and wine! We immediately give them a

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