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Deliana or Mesavlia Gorge?

Crete has about 40 gorges. One of the closest ones to Chania is 37 kilometers away. Depending on which side you enter from, the village has claimed it as their own. Entering from Deliana you’ll see signs for Deliana Gorge, and likewise, entering from Mesavlia, you’ll see signs that say Mesavlia Gorge. The naming dispute has yet to have a resolution. You will have to open the gates to enter the gorge. Make sure you shut them behind you otherwise the goats and sheep will escape. It is 5 kilometers long and relatively easy to walk through. You can also drive on the dirt road in a jeep or truck. Parallel to the road is a stream that is dry in the summer and flowing once the rains begin in late

Winery Spotlight: Anoskeli

Anoskeli Olive Oil Mill and Winery is located 30 kilometers south west of Chania in the village it is named after. For years it was the cooperative olive oil mill for the area before it was privately bought and operated by the Mamidakis family in the 1980s. Although it is famous for its olive oil, it is also making a name for itself in the wine industry. In 2009, three vineyards were planted near the olive oil factory. The vineyards are planted with local varietals Vilana and Vidiano, Greek varietals Assyrtiko and Malagousia, as well as international varietals Syrah, Cabernet, and Grenache. The vines are relatively young but show improvements in quality with each passing vintage. Gerasimos M

Brewery Spotlight: Lafkas Brewery

If you have trip to Belgium planned with a buddy of yours and he cancels last minute, don’t fret, still go and you may just meet the love of your life. That is the love story behind the newest microbrewery in Chania, Lafkas Brewery. Husband and wife team Michalis and Aurelie are working side by side on their latest adventure. Michalis has a degree in winemaking and beverage technology and Aurelie is Belgian so beer making is in her blood. Currently they make one label, White Mountains Triple Hop Pale Ale. They make about 4000 liters a month or 10,000 bottles. Their beer is available at all the serious beer spots in town like Rudi's Bierhaus and Ride Cycle Culture Cafe. They have plans to ma

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